Waking Up To Life — 18 Minutes With Rabbi Josh

Join Rabbi Josh Bennett from Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan as he explores enlightenment moments in life that truly WAKE US UP!!!

Welcome to “Waking Up TO LIFE With Rabbi Josh” – a podcast built around conversations with people in our community who have found enlightenment in their lives. While these events may not seem life-changing, our conversation will reveal how these moments shape the way my guests see the world. This informal conversation and insights from Jewish tradition may change your life as well. And if not, it’s just 18 minutes with me! L’chayim! To Life!

Featuring Rabbi Josh Bennett of Temple Israel in West Bloomfield, Michigan

Joining the show this episode is Steve Ingber, the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit.  Steve is responsible for carrying out the mission of the Jewish Federation and ensuring its longterm strength and effectiveness. He leads the organization on a day-to-day basis, working closely with senior leadership, the Federation / UJF Board, and the professional staff. Steve joined Federation in 2016, originally serving as COO before being named Chief Executive in 2021.


Today, he will share a personal joy of becoming a father to FOUR boys.  It is a blessing that helped his family to Wake Up To Life

Tomer Malchi joins me for the show this week. Tomer holds a B.Sc., in Industrial and Labor relations from Cornell University. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc., and Ph.D from the faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tomer has extensive experience in national and international development work in the field of agriculture, water and energy. As Executive Director, Tomer is responsible for project development and expanding CultivAid’s operations.  Today he will share his path to understand WATER as the Source of Life.  And he will Wake Us Up To Life!!!

***There was a recording problem this week...so the episode video is only partially visible.

Doug Passon is an attorney and film maker living in Phoenix, Arizona where he specializes in Sentencing Advocacy and Sentencing Mitigation Videos.  He is also the co-author of a new book called The Narrative Gym for Law. In this episode we discuss his understanding of the philosophy of Joseph Campbell and others who teach us to be "in the moment".  Our conversation suggests that magic and miracle are ALWAYS around us.  So join me as we hear another guest share the potential to "WAKE UP TO LIFE"

It is an honor to welcome Rabbi Jen Lader to the show this week.  Rabbi Jen is an amazing spiritual leader, youth rabbi, and personal friend.  She will share her journey to become a Rabbi and the lessons she learned along the way.  Her vision for her own career gives insight to anyone standing at the crossroads of life.  Join me as we listen to her advice about how to "Wake Up To Life".

Join me as I welcome Dani Margolis to the next episode of the Podcast.  Dani is a friend, spiritual brother, and a Certified Tour Guide based in the Central North of Israel and living on Kibbutz Ramat HaShofet.  His experience of "finding" a connection to Israel begins with a story about Shirley's Yard!  Decades later, Dani still feels a deep bond with his home in the Holy Land.  Come hear an amazing story of Aliyah AND feel the spiritual ties with our homeland come alive.  It's the perfect chance to "Wake Up To Life!!!"

Happy New Year! We begin a new year and a new season of the Podcast welcoming my brother, Rabbi Jim Bennett, to the show.  In this episode I have the chance to chat with my older brother, mentor, and friend about his conversation with our Aunt Paula (who donated a kidney to her sister, my mother).  This very personal conversation leads to a discussion of the power of kindness in the world.  With hopes this episode will resonate with you as well, I believe it is a perfect message for a new year.  It is another powerful reminder to WAKE UP TO LIFE!!!

In this episode of the Podcast, I welcome my best friend and colleague, Rabbi Adam Morris.  Rabbi Morris has served as a Rabbi for 27 years in Nashville, Charlotte, Adelaide Australia, Atlanta, and now in Denver.  His experience helping to prepare a deaf student for her Bat Mitzvah helped him understand what it means to 'engage in the study of Torah'.  The lessons he learned with this young woman have impacted the way he approaches Torah learning every day.  Our conversation give us all clues to help us WAKE UP TO LIFE!

Coinciding with the Torah Portion, Lech Lecha, which celebrates Abraham's choice to leave his ancestral home to become the father of monotheism and the Jewish People, we welcome Jason Hillman to the show.  Mr. Hillman is currently serving as the Basketball Chief of Staff and Team Legal Counsel for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  His decision to leave Detroit, his childhood home, to take a position in Cleveland with the Cavaliers was an opportunity and a personal reckoning.  This open conversation may offer insight into our ability to take advantage when the world gives us the chance to do so.  Join me as we chat about his choice to WAKE UP TO LIFE!

Please join me as I welcome my friend and colleague, Reverend Steve Norman who is a speaker and writer-in-residence for Winning At Home.  This organization is a faith based program devoted to counseling and guidance for parents and families in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I met Steve when he was a Pastor at Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan and we have remained friends.  On today's show, he will share an experience which allowed life to get in the way of his obligations as a parent.  Join me as we learn from Steve how to WAKE UP TO LIFE!!!

Mitchell Barnett is one of the co-founders of the Urban Hockey Foundation based in Detroit, Michigan.  His experiences in college, on the ice, and in his non-profit work helped him learn the value of slowing down in life.  Today, he joins the podcast to share some of these life lessons with all of us.  In just 18 minutes, his story will teach us all to take a moment to "Wake Up To Life"!!!

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